Emily and Phoebe

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No, Phoebe!

That is very, very naughty indeed!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Phoebe was very excited when she was told that she and the other kids at her football club would be receiving a medal for taking part in a local league.* Unfortunately, the event turned out to be one of those occasions where the children stand around waiting** while the master of ceremonies runs through all the councillors*** and local bigwigs who have to be thanked for their invaluable contributions****.

Phoebe's verdict: "It was very boring but I don't care because now I have a medal."

Which I think just about sums it up.*****

* She was in a league? Who knew? Her team did occasionally play against other sides but I wasn't aware there was actually any league as such, with a table, points, goal difference and so on. Anyway, each club received a trophy and no mention was made of results or final position or anything, so I guess it was pretty informal.
** Often, though thankfully not this time, in the blazing sun.
*** With their official titles, e.g. Deputy Chair for the Committe for Parks and Recreation, etc.
**** Luckily, none of said councillors or bigwigs made speeches themselves. When that happens the event resembles a speaking competition where special awards are to be given for Dullness, Obseqiousness and Self-Aggrandisement.
***** Except for the kids who didn't get a medal because, predictably enough, there weren't enough to go round. *Sigh*