Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fun and games

Phoebe has gone to stay with a friend for the weekend and so that Emily will feel neither sad nor bored in the absence of her beloved sister, I have decided to keep her occupied with a succession of jolly games. We are playing cards.

"So, my love, how are you feeling without Phoebe?"

"A bit sad. And a bit bored."

I am surprised and not a little hurt that my carefully planned evening of fun does not seem to be working. Perhaps we should abandon cards and move on to the next game on my list.

"Alright then, how about an exciting game of dominoes, my love?"

Thursday, October 06, 2011

A story by Phoebe

(English version below)

Μια κακότυχη μέρα

Αυτή είναι μια ιστορία για ένα παιδί όπου γίνεται κακότυχο ξαφνικά .Μια μέρα ο μικρός Δημήτρης καθάριζε το άλογό του και του έβαζε πέταλα ,ξαφνικά το πέταλο έπεσε από το χέρι του και μετά όταν το ξαναέπιασε ήταν ανάποδα το οποίο είναι κακή τύχη .Την άλλη μέρα όταν πήγαινε στο σχολείο πάτησε μια μπανανόφλουδα και γλίστρησε σε μια τρύπα και έπεσε σε έναν υπόνομο που ήταν σκοτεινά οπότε χτύπησε το κεφάλι του χίλιες φορές .Όταν βγήκε πέρασε κάτω από 8 σκάλες γλίστρησε σε άλλη μια μπανανόφλουδα και έπεσε πάνω σε κάτι τραπέζια σε ένα εστιατόριο και έχυσε πολύ αλάτι .Στο σχολείο του κώλυσαν χίλια χαρτάκια στην πλάτη του και τον χτύπησε ο νταής του σχολείου , πήρε Γ σε κάθε τεστ και στον δρόμο πίσω χάθηκε , αυτή η ιστορία μας μαθαίνει να μην πάρουμε άλογα.


An Unlucky Day

This is a story about a child where bad luck suddenly happens. One day, little Dimitris was washing and shoeing his horse when suddenly he dropped the shoe. When he picked it up again, it was upside down, which is bad luck. The next day, while he was going to school, he stepped on a banana skin, slipped into a hole and fell down into a dark sewer where he hit his head a thousand times. When he got out he walked under 8 ladders, slipped on another banana skin and landed on some tables in a restaurant, spilling a lot of salt. At school they stuck a thousand pieces of paper on his back saying "hit me", which the school bully did, he got C in every test and he got lost on the way home. The moral of this story is "Don't get a horse".


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Synchronising our timetables

Me: OK, my love, here's what's going to happen. I have a private lesson in Zographou from 3.30 to 4.30. When that's finished I'll drive back home to pick you up at 4.45 and then I'll take you to you art class at 5.00. But you must make sure you're ready when I get back, because I have to get to another lesson at 5.15.

Emily: Wow! Two lessons in one day. That must be really exhausting.

Me: [suspiciously] Are you being sarcastic?

Emily: No, no, no, I really wasn't. [Giggling] But it really did sound like I was, didn't it? [Sniggering] Two lessons! Exhausting! Ha!