Emily and Phoebe

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Phoebe was very excited when she was told that she and the other kids at her football club would be receiving a medal for taking part in a local league.* Unfortunately, the event turned out to be one of those occasions where the children stand around waiting** while the master of ceremonies runs through all the councillors*** and local bigwigs who have to be thanked for their invaluable contributions****.

Phoebe's verdict: "It was very boring but I don't care because now I have a medal."

Which I think just about sums it up.*****

* She was in a league? Who knew? Her team did occasionally play against other sides but I wasn't aware there was actually any league as such, with a table, points, goal difference and so on. Anyway, each club received a trophy and no mention was made of results or final position or anything, so I guess it was pretty informal.
** Often, though thankfully not this time, in the blazing sun.
*** With their official titles, e.g. Deputy Chair for the Committe for Parks and Recreation, etc.
**** Luckily, none of said councillors or bigwigs made speeches themselves. When that happens the event resembles a speaking competition where special awards are to be given for Dullness, Obseqiousness and Self-Aggrandisement.
***** Except for the kids who didn't get a medal because, predictably enough, there weren't enough to go round. *Sigh*


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