Emily and Phoebe

Monday, April 27, 2009

Flisvos Park

To Faliro yesterday, with Lazaros & Eleni, Vlassis & Annabel (+ kids), and the great new children's play area behind the Parko Flisvou tram stop. After that, a walk along the seafront to have lunch a pizza restaurant. Then home, where we found that we'd all gone bright red from the sun. Nevi and the girls put some sort of soothing aloe vera gel on their faces and I didn't, because I'm not a 22-year-old hairdresser.* This may have been a mistake, because the girls now look fine and I am a sort of mottled beetroot colour...

* A very useful comment that I pilfered from somewhere (can't remember where) and employ whenever Nevi tries to get me to use girly creams and lotions.


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