Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Emily: "Dad! Dad! It's that man on TV who's just like you!"

Oh dear, this must mean she's watching Casino Royale. I saw it was going to be on this evening but I think it's much too violent for young children. Why do they put on unsuitable films so early in the evening?

Me: "Darling, are you sure you should be watching that? It might be a bit frightening."

Emily: "It's not frightening at all, Dad! Come and see! He's so funny!"

Funny? Possibly it's not Casino Royale, then - I don't remember it having a lot of laughs.

Emily: "Dad, come and see. He's just like you."

I walk over to the television. She is curled up with laughter in front of what seems to be not a 007 action adventure, but some lame comedy starring David Spade. I wait for a while but no one else appears. "Emily, you surely can't mean that I look like David Spade!" I exclaim with indignation. "He's small and wimpy and his face has a sort of unpleasant weasly expression."

Emily: [Possibly not paying much attention to me now] "Um... yes? What's your point, dad?"


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