Emily and Phoebe

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The first day back at school (yesterday) only lasted half an hour or so - long enough for a priest to bestow his blessing and messages from the great and the good to be read out. There were other announcements as well, but I was shuttling the 200 yards between primary school and gymnasio, so I missed quite a lot of what was going on. I was pleased to see, though, that loud booing greeted mention of the minister of education's name.

On to more important matters. There are a number of primary schools that feed into Emily's gymnasio, which means that she will know a minority of the kids in her year. As there are five classes, divided alphabetically, Emily is hoping that she (as an E) will fall into group 1, where she will be with two of her best friends, rather than group two, where she will know a few kids but is not particularly friendly with any of them. Fingers crossed...


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