Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, September 10, 2011


When Phoebe saw me choking on my food yesterday lunchtime did she
a) leap into action by performing the Heimlich manouevre on me?
b) leap into action by capering about in front of me with an oven glove on her head, pretending to be a Smurf?
c) announce "I'm so happy, Dad! Pappous says that when you and Mum die, this house will belong to Emily and me!"?

The answer of course is (b), because what could be of more help to someone who is fighting for breath than to make them laugh uncontrollably? Anyone who answered (a) does not know my daughter very well. The thing about the house she did actually say, just not in response to seeing me deprived of oxygen. So that's comforting.


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