Emily and Phoebe

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Run, Phoebe, Run!

Emily ended up not taking part in yesterday's cross-country race as she had a party to go to (a difficult choice, that: wear yourself out hauling yourself around the local park or hang out with friends eating cake and ice-cream).

Phoebe, though, decided she wanted to go in for it, and I'm pleased to report that she came to no harm from her exertions (despite not changing out of her sports kit after the event, which is apparently an absolute no-no and tantamount to inviting a ψύξη [see previous post]). She took the whole thing very seriously, in fact: she discussed tactics with me ("Daddy, I am going to run as fast as I can!"), took on board my advice about not going off too fast at the beginning (unlike lots of the other kids, who ran out of puff and barely made it to the finishing line) and in the race itself, zipped round the course to finish third in her category and take home a medal. Yay Phoebe!


Anonymous deviousdiva said...

Run Phoebe, Run.

Funnily enough watched Forest Gump yesterday (one of my fave films) and I think "RUN" is one of the smartest things we teach our kids! :-)

11:36 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Phoebe seems to habve learnt it all by herself - it's all I can do to keep up!

9:51 AM  

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