Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Me: "Would you like some OJ girls?"

Phoebe: "No, I don't like that juice, it's got bits in it."

Emily: "You're very silly, Phoebe, because the bits are where all the goodness is. I'm right, aren't I Daddy?"

Me [spluttering with laughter]: "Yes you are, my love. And you'd know, because you're all about the healthy eating, aren't you?"

Emily [stonily]: "Here I am, trying to eat this, trying to eat that, trying to encourage Phoebe, and all I get is sarcasm. It's a wonder I eat anything at all, you know."

Ouch! Emily has developed an unnerving ability to put me well and truly in my place. (And not before time, some might say...)


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