Emily and Phoebe

Friday, June 05, 2009

Bad fairy (part 2)

It is morning.

I am working on the computer and Emily is standing in the doorway of the study watching me. "Dad, I'm bored," she says. A few minutes pass. Then: "Hey, Dad, I wonder if the tooth fairy remembered to come last night!"

I swivel round and stare at her. "Oh bugger!"

I rush for the door, easing her gently to one side with my elbow. Racing down the hall and into the girls' bedroom, I grope around in my pocket for a coin. I leap up on to the chair next to the bunk-bed and in a single deft move, filch the tooth from under the pillow and replace it with the coin. I turn to see Emily observing me. I unobtrusively jam the hand holding the tooth into my pocket and lift up the pillow with a flourish. "Look, darling! The tooth fairy remembered! Here it is!"

It's lucky I have such presence of mind or she might have suspected something...


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