Emily and Phoebe

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, it's been extremely hot (much hotter than this time last year, I reckon), which always leaves me lacking in energy. (Usually, of course, I am full of vim and get-up-and-go). I've also had work, which, you know, takes time.

But the main reason I've not been posting is that the girls are providing me with no material whatsoever. Obviously, they don't have school, so that's one source of inspiration gone. But there's been no drama or conflict at home, either. No arguments, no strops, nothing. They just sit playing together (one day making chalk drawings on black paper, another making up their own shadow theatre play - that sort of thing). Emily's been reading to Phoebe and teaching her more words to write, which is very sweet of course, but hardly interesting to write about. Oh, and most days they take a cool bath together and giggle a lot. There has certainly been giggling, that I do know. But giggling by itself is not exactly bloggable.

Oh well, I shall certainly post something if they do do anything of interest, but so far it is all very uneventful...


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