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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Faster, higher, sillier...

Kyria E, Phoebe's teacher at the kindergarten, has announced that the end of year celebration will have an Olympic theme (to coincide with the Games taking place in Beijing this summer). The kidlets will have to wear white robes embroidered with a maiandros (Greek fret) design* while taking part in running and throwing events** and an Olympic torch relay.*** Plaster of Paris medals will be awarded and the class will also sing the Olympic Anthem.****

Phoebe also claims (although this seems highly unlikely) that there will be bicycle races (with the bikes done up as ancient chariots, perhap).

In keeping with recent events, I am toying with the idea of organising a pro-Tibet demonstration. I wonder if hurling myself in front of a child's bicycle while dressed as the Dalai Lama will be enough to raise the little ones' political awareness...

* Kyria E says it's really straightforward and it won't take the mums more than a few minutes to run them up on their sewing machines. Nevi will be so pleased to hear this.
** There go the school windows, then.
*** Obviously, this plan can only end in Woe.
**** Kyria E is nothing if not ambitious, as anyone who saw her Christmas spectacular (songs! dances! poems!) can confirm.


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