Emily and Phoebe

Friday, August 17, 2007

Emily puts her foot in it

I am typing at the computer when there a sudden and violent eruption from within: "Oh God!"

It appears that Emily is annoyed about something. I listen and discern exaggerated grunts of exertion and puffs of exasperation coming from her room, along with an arrhythmic thumping that I think must be hopping.

Now, do I find out what's going on or lie low and hope that my assistance is not required?


Oh well, there goes the lying-low option. "Something wrong darling?"

She stomps into the study holding a shoe in her hand.

"Yes! What idiot left plasticine on the floor for me to walk in?"

I know that at times like this the best option is to remain unruffled, so I reply calmly. "I don't know, darling."

And then (because, on the other hand, I like to live life on the edge): "You, perhaps?"

"Argghhh! Of course it wasn't- " She pauses, her mouth half open. "Unless... ."

She furrows her brow.

"Yes, actually, it was! You idiot Emily!!!"

Thankfully she has a good enough sense of humour to see the funny side of this exchange.


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