Emily and Phoebe

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back for a few days...

So here's a picture of Phoebe, hands in pockets, all nonchalant like, about to recite a poem at her kindergarten's end of year celebration. Her teacher, who adores her, is quite fierce, and can here be seen telling "EVERYONE to PLEASE be QUIET so that Phoebe can speak." Phoebe was in any case inaudible, and all that could be heard was the usual murmuring from the audience of "ever so blonde" and "foreign, you know". This is normally guaranteed to provoke Nevi into a mini-rant during which she asserts loudly that "any idiot" can tell she and Phoebe are "identical", but this time she was entirely restrained.

The sign round her neck, by the way, confirms that Phoebe is a pear.



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