Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Emily is unhappily scraping the tomato sauce off her chicken. "Daaa-aaad! Why did you put these green things in the tomato sauce? You know I don't like green things!"

"Darling, what did we say about not moaning? Why not find a different way of asking? Why not say, 'These green things look interesting, Daddy. What are they?'"

"Hmmfff. These-green-things-look-interesting-Daddy-what are-they?"

"Greenfly, darling."

[Suspiciously] "What's greenfly?"

"They're little green flies that you find on plants. Some people kill them using sprays but I like to collect them and use them in cooking."

She stares at me in disbelief.

"It's oregano, darling. It's a herb."

"Oh. OK." She smiles in relief and pops a piece of chicken (with sauce!) into her mouth.

If I'd known it was that easy to get her to eat...


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