Emily and Phoebe

Monday, September 07, 2009


Emily comes into the kitchen as I am cooking up something delicious involving tuna. Her nostrils are plainly aquiver.

"What's that, Dad?"

"It's tuna, darling."

"Tuna..." she exclaims wistfully. "Tuna is very nearly my favourite food. It's a shame I can't eat it now that I'm a vegetarian."

I raise an eyebrow and she glares at me. She is challenging me - no, daring me - to point out that since she turned "completely vegetarian" on September 1st, she has consumed bacon (twice, once in a club sandwich and once in a carbonara sauce), chicken (once), and a half-hundredweight of meatballs (to help Phoebe celebrate her name day).

I am too wily, though, to get drawn in to an argument that I can only lose.

"Don't worry darling, I'll make something vegetarian for you tomorrow. Some delicious broccoli, perhaps."

I duck the flipflop that promptly hurtles in my direction...


Anonymous deviousdiva said...

My son's vegetarianism lasted exactly two days. I said fine. Be a vegetarian but that means shopping and cooking for yourself. A couple of days of cheese and tomato sandwiches did the trick. I'm so cruel! lol

10:14 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Tomato? Your son eats tomato? I *dream* of my girls becoming such unfussy eaters!

9:58 AM  
Anonymous deviousdiva said...

These days I'm having to consider a lock on the fridge. He's practically bankcrupting us with his food intake. For some reason "gannet" pops into my head !

11:08 AM  

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