Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's Carnival Time in Greece...

...which means that the girls get to dress up in costumes and we get to take them to parties. Emily was originally planning to dress as a cowboy but Phoebe hijacked the idea, so she had to choose something else. We luckily have an "all seasons" store just around the corner (garden furniture in the summer, Christmas decs in the winter, fancy dress in the spring) so there was no problem finding something else. The helpful woman in the shop rather regretted coming to our assistance after she received a milk-curdling stare from Emily (for suggesting that she might like to dress up as a fairy princess) but eventually guided us in the right sort of direction, where we found a Ninja costume (black tousers, top and hood, with a sword).
Emily was ecstatic, and when we got home started practising her "ninja moves" (to the untrained eye she looked like a small girl having an epilectic fit, but she reckons she was honing her technique).
When the time came to take the girls to a party, Emily insisted on wearing her hood, which only had a narrow slit for the eyes. This meant that we had a number of close encounters of the arboreal kind, and one with a guard dog that obviously thought she was the smallest burglar he'd ever seen, and came flying at her. Luckily he was on a chain...


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