Emily and Phoebe

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hello All

So, this is a blog about Emily and Phoebe.

The idea is for me to post stuff about what they say and do for friends and relatives not in Greece, and well, we'll see how it goes. Don't know how often I'll end up posting. Depends on how much work I have, and how much there is of interest. Doubt if anyone's much interest in "Got up. Had breakfast. Went to school." every day.

This will also be probably the lowest tech blog in history. No pictures, no special effects, no nothing. Not that I wouldn't like to have lots of spiffy extras, but me and technology are not best pals. Maybe at a later date I'll get someone who knows more about computers than I do* to teach me a few basics, then I can do an upgrade.

Anyway, I'm going to try posting this now to see if this blog thing works or not.

*e.g. Lazarus, Phil, Grandma, etc.


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