Emily and Phoebe

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Phoebe's teacher had the rather nice idea that for Christmas, all the children in the class would each buy one small inexpensive present, suitable for either a boy or a girl, which, after the drawing of lots, a child would take home as a little gift from a classmate. Phoebe took along a cute little dog on a keyring, which she immediately nicknamed Snuffles (rather a good name, I think, as he really does look as though he's snuffling along having picked up some scent or other).

She was a little bit sad, of course, that such a splendid item would be going home with another child, but understood that this was all about the spirit of Christmas and giving generously and so on. Imagine her delight, then, when she was the child whose name was drawn to take Snuffles home with her. And imagine her even greater delight (and our deep, deep shame) when one of her friends discovered Snuffles' amazing secret ability. For Snuffles is not just a cute little dog on a keyring. He is a cute little dog on a keyring that poos when you squeeze him!


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Blogger Paul said...

Yes indeed, charming isn't it. Unfortunately, Snuffles recently suffered what might be described as a prolapse and I fear that he is not long for this world...

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