Emily and Phoebe

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Health update

So, it all started two weeks ago with Emily's tonsilitis, swiftly followed by Phoebe's gastroenteritis. That lasted the better part of a week, and no sooner were the kids over their illnesses than Nevi came down with something similar, which thankfully only lasted two days thanks to the use of Yoga mind-control and Lemsip (this is according to Nevi, who firmly believes that there is very little that cannot be cured by either Yoga or Lemsip). That takes us up to Tuesday of this week. Meanwhile, Pappous had come down with "the worst cold I have ever had in my life", which prevented him from having his planned cataract operation on Wednesday (something to do with the danger of him sneezing at an inopportune moment). On Tuesday night, Emily complained of feeling unwell, and sure enough, in the small hours of Wednesday morning the vomiting began. Today is Saturday and she is able to eat something for the first time in three days (she was even bringing up the tiny amounts of water she was allowed to have). Oh, and she also seems to have a cold.

That makes me very much Last Man Standing, and at the moment I am sorely tempted to paint a big red cross on the front door and sneak off somewhere uninfectious...


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