Emily and Phoebe

Friday, September 05, 2008

After school

With school finishing early afternoon, kids in Greece have lots of time to do extra languages, music, sport, dance or pretty much anythig they like. Emily has been going to Art Class for the last four years and doing tennis for the last two. Last year she was joined by Phoebe at both of them (officially at Art, in a special brothers ands sisters class and unofficially at tennis, where the Blonde Peril basically just picked up a racquet and joined in and the teacher was so bemused at this little girl with a big sense of entitlement that she allowed her to stay).

Anyway, this year Emily wants to start doing a language and Phoebe wants to do Tai-Kwon-Do, so we'll have to look round and see what we can find - and whether it's possible to fit everything they want to do into their schedules...


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