Emily and Phoebe

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tooth number 2

Phoebe had been fretting about a loose tooth, worrying that its wobbliness might compromise her enjoyment of her special name-day lunch (Goody's). She had spent the last couple of days begging us all (including Emily) to pull it out for her and becoming increasingly irate when we refused. ("It'll come out in its own time, darling. Otherwise it'll hurt and there'll be lots of blood." "I don't care!!!" etc etc). Anyway, in the end it came out in the middle of lunch and she proudly showed it to everyone. (A name day and her first tooth lost in Greece - such excitement!) But then of course she forgot where she'd put it and then she found it again but refused to put it under her pillow (maybe she was afraid the tooth fairy would come while she was at the cinema - yes, I'm afraid we really did pay real cash money to see Mamma Mia again) and said that she wanted to leave it on her bed so I told her that she'd have to remember to put it under her pillow when we got back but of course she was tired and crawled into bed and fell asleep the instant I'd read to her and I forgot all about it until I was drinking my coffee this morning and remembered that we hadn't done the tooth/pillow thing and so I crept into the girls' bedroom thinking "How on Earth am I going to find a tiny tiny tooth in the dark without waking Phoebe up and if she does wake up will she be so sleep-befuddled that she thinks I'm a rather large (and butch, obviously) fairy and then I saw that she had her hand under her pillow and I thought "Oh come on, surely she didn't remember all by herself in the middle of the night" and I lifted up her pillow and there was the tooth and I breathed a sigh of relief and left a coin and snuck off to write this.


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