Emily and Phoebe

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ochi Day II

Phoebe has to help lay a wreathe at a memorial and recite a short poem with two of her classmates. I explain to her that she will have to wear something smart. Something smart that may even involve a dress or a skirt. I ignore her howls of protest and explain to her that getting up in front of lots of people to say a poem is like acting, and when you are acting, you have to wear the costume of the character you are playing. "On this occasion, my love, you will be playing the part of a polite, well-behaved little girl who doesn't mind wearing smart clothes. That's not you, I know, but it's the part you're playing, alright? You are Phoebe and you hate dresses, skirts, and anything with flowers, and we all know that, but today you are playing a part and the costume for the part may have to be ever so slightly girly, OK?"

I think she bought it...


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