Emily and Phoebe

Monday, September 17, 2007

No Smoking

What are these curious hieroglyphics? Read on, and all will be revealed!*

Emily is fanatically anti-smoking, and Phoebe has lately been teasing her by pretending to inhale on pencils, straws, lolly sticks and similar, declaring "I'm going to smoke when I'm older Emily, and you can't stop me!!!"

This is getting Emily more and more worked up, and Phoebe finally realised she'd overstepped the mark when her big sister ended up sobbing in a cupboard refusing to come out and talk to anyone. (Yes, I know, Emily does rather overdramatise things, and has a tendency to be just the tiniest bit intense).

Anyway, Emily refused to respond when Phoebe told her she was sorry, so Phoebe went away and "wrote" the above note to push under the door.

It shows (rather blurrily)** a burning cigarette (crossed out), the letter phi (for Phoebe) and a heart. I think she really must have been sorry...

* Evidently I do not know how this blog works, because I have spent whole minutes attempting to locate the picture at the end of the post rather than the beginning, but to no avail...

** Sorry for the rubbisher-than-usual quality of the photo; it was a very small note and my choices were to use a regular close-up (where the image was too tiny to make out), super close-up with flash (where the flash reflected off the paper, creating a photo of a bright white light), or super close-up without flash, which is what I chose in the end. It is of course entirely possible that a large part of the photo's rubbishness is down to me not knowing how my camera works...

Does anyone see a theme developing here?


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