Emily and Phoebe

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


There is not enough room on the bus for us all to sit down, so I tell Emily to hold on tight to me while I lift Phoebe up to sit on the special area reserved for luggage. She reclines in regal fashion on Emily's backpack, provoking an instant jealous reaction.

"How come I'm not allowed up there Dad? I want to go up there."

"I'm sorry darling, but we need to leave room for people to put their bags there. This space is really only for bags."

"But Phoebe's not a bag!"

This is the point where I should have said something to mollify Emily and flatter Phoebe, and not, under any circumstances, introduce the word ratbag to the conversation unless I wanted all hell to break loose...


Anonymous Jean O'Reilly said...

We all owe a huge debt to Monty Python.

By the way, I used your posting about Phoebe's experiments with the Greek alphabet ("It says...'Phoebe is an annoying ratbag'.) in a recent job talk for a writing position at an American University. It got a good laugh, and made my point about teaching students to write clearly enough so that their messages won't need the services of an interpreter.

Love to Nevi and the girls. And to you.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Hi Jean,

Good to know that these scribblings have somne sort of after-blog existence! Love to you guys from us,


8:29 PM  

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