Emily and Phoebe

Friday, March 02, 2007


Truth to tell, I'm not always as careful as I might be when it comes to using bad language around the kids. Partly this is a conscious decision - if they were going to school in England they'd be exposed to a wide range of swear words - far wider and more offensive than I habitually use, I'm sure. Also, I'm just not disciplined enough (or a good enough parent, probably) to censor myself or control my temper when the kids are about.

And most of the time it doesn't seem much of an issue. So I was a bit surprised the other day when a mild oath was greeted with shocked reproach by Emily: "Daddy, we're in the supermarket! You can't say 'Oh buggery' in here!"


Anonymous Phil said...

Emily is obviously very well behaved and polite............so whose side of the family does that come from?!!!

6:26 PM  

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