Emily and Phoebe

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Talking about getting dressed in the morning (see previous post), Emily is very into coordinating whatever she's wearing each day, matching the right trousers with the right top, and making sure that her whole look is appropriately tomboyish.

Despite being unable (or at least refusing) to dress herself, Phoebe too has very definite ideas about what she wants to wear, and is not slow to voice (or scream) her disapproval of others' suggestions. The result however is not what it could be. Or as fashion-designer-turned-scriptwriter Antonis has rather cruelly commented, "You can tell she's English, can't you?"

But hang on a minute! Just look: a t-shirt that's several sizes too big; an unbuttoned shirt on top; spindly legs poking out from beneath...

She dresses like me!!!


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