Emily and Phoebe

Friday, September 29, 2006


Emily is getting increasingly annoyed with the time it takes Phoebe to get ready in the morning. While Emily has dressed herself since the age of two (and woe betide anyone who ever tried to help her), Phoebe's approach is to wander listlessly about, dragging a pair of trousers behind her and wearing her knickers on her head, until someone steps in and lends a hand. Invariably this leads to last minute panic and lateness, which is compounded by Phoebe's reluctance to walk (see previous post).

So anyway, Emily has a solution. "Daddy, I don't think it's right that Phoebe is going to kindergarten if she can't dress herself. Let's wait two more years before sending her. She's so short that no one will realise she's two years older than the other kids in her class."

Phoebe's response?

"Shut up, you bum!"


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