Emily and Phoebe

Friday, August 11, 2006

And speaking of teeth...

(see previous post), Emily had another one come out the day before yesterday (of its own accord, I hasten to add, without me needing to reach for my toolbox).

Unfortunately, the very very silly and forgetful Tooth Fairy didn't come. Confronted with a crestfallen Emily holding her unreclaimed incisor the next morning*, I explained to her that while fairies are creatures of wonder and magic, they are not known for being awfully bright. I suggested that TF had probably looked under the wrong pillow, or gone next door by mistake. Emily bought the explanation, and TF thankfully got it right last night (despite having consumed the best part of a bottle of wine, which just goes to show what a sobering effect the prospect of the Wrath of Emily has...).

Actually, I've no idea if it was an incisor or not. I just didn't want to repeat the word 'tooth'.


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