Emily and Phoebe

Friday, July 21, 2006


Phoebe has just told me that "Babyjesus and his mum Virginmary made us all out of sand."

Well, OK, I already knew that Eleni had decided to make herself responsible for the children's religious instruction (something about immortal souls, eternal hellfire, and so on). But really. Sand? Surely the Almighty could have come up with something a bit more durable than that, couldn't He. I mean it's hardly the material of choice, is it? Clay I could understand, loam has a nice earthy appeal, but sand? It makes Him sound like a cowboy builder. ("Nah, mate, sand's what you want, last a lifetime that will, looks lovely as well, dunnit...")

Sand. Makes me feel as though I'm waiting for the tide to come in...


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